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Why are questions about squirrels closed as off-topic?

The question How can one care for a squirrel who got bitten by a cat? was closed with reason "squirrels aren't lets". I don't understand: I used to have a squirrel as a pet, many others do ...
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Closure of question with legal tag

I very recently asked a question about my legal options regarding a specific situation about my cat. The question is relatively promptly closed. The reason I carry this here is that I believe this ...
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Why was the question about Conan the dog put on hold as POB?

I recently asked the question Is the dog depicted on this image male or female? It was put on hold as Primarily Opinion Based. I don't agree with this because AFAIK the physical gender of a dog as ...
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Why was this closed as a duplicate?

This question: What's better than a spray bottle for negative reinforcement of a cat? Was marked a duplicate of: How should I discipline my cat for bad behavior? And the two questions are clearly, ...
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Very answerable questions should not be closed as unanswerable (and this is happening)

Saw three closures today (one was mine and I think is the most borderline, but that's what got me on this topic): Best small pet for a fairly small space in a bedroom
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Why was the hot dog question closed?

What are the consequences if my dog eats a hot dog? Was closed earlier today because it "was nothing more than a farce". While the question was written in a humorous fashion (because it's April Fool'...
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This question is closed for the wrong reason, should we care?

There is a question on the main site whether trace amounts of onions can be harmful to pets. It's been closed as a duplicate of whether onions can be harmful in general despite the OP specifically ...
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