Trying not to drive myself mad combining a full-time job as a Mobile App Developer and caring for a Siberian show cat / ex-breeding queen and her 4 offsprings. Have had cats since 1995 and will continue having them for the rest of my life. Have also had a dog as a child (my sister took him with her when she got married), a turtle, and a rooster. The rooster lived till he was 8 y.o., I don't know if it's a lot or not.

Am very bitter about the level of local vet medicine and am a general cat health/welfare nerd with experience dealing with chronic conditions without qualified help, and a bit paranoid because of that.

Also, aspie here. I might inadvertently step on your sore spots, so just believe me when I say that I didn't mean to. I'm not here to aggravate anyone, I'm just very bad at social staff.

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