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Born and raised on the farm, I lived and worked on various farms from the mid-fifties to the turn of the millenium and am familiar with farm animals. My dad had: horses for transportation and some field work, pigs--farrow to finish, cattle--cows for dairy and steers for beef, raised chickens from day-old chicks to laying hens, and sheep--ram, ewes, lambs. He sold eggs, cream, wool, market cattle, pigs and lambs. I worked with or fed all these animals at some time or another, also owned horses, sheep, dog, and cat. It was my job on a daily basis to milk the cows by hand, give milk to the calves, put the milk through the cream separator, and gather the eggs. Also present were the farm dog and barn cats, all of whom had the run of the farm and lived in the barn. At the turn of the millenium, I transitioned to the city, which transition included research for the care of indoor dogs and cats when obtaining them. My dog (Jan. 2010-Aug. 2019) was a five-year-old terrier cross from the shelter who, for unknown reasons, turned into a serious problem dog. By mid-2010 and following years, I relied heavily on DVDs of Cesar Milan's Dog Whisper TV series, which were very helpful in my attempts to gain control of, and train, her. In Oct. 2019 I adopted my first indoor cat; research is on-going.

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