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I am a software developer with 5 years of experience. I have worked in web design for 1 year working primarily with MVC and VB.NET. I worked in a manufacturing environment working with BuyDesign Configurator software along with C# and VB.NET for 3 years. Currently I am working for a company that does factoring for different businesses, (there is a great wiki article about factoring.) I am working with both C# and VB.NET along with Visual FoxPro, VBA, and Crystal Reports. Each place I have worked with SQL Server 2005+.

In my current position there is a balance between legacy software and newer technology. I have worked with 2.0 Framwork up to 4.0 (no experience with 4.5 yet, but we are working on it.) I try to write efficient code that is reusable to save on maintenance if something needs to change.

  • VB.NET - 5 years
  • SQL Server - 5 years
  • VBA - 3 years
  • Crystal Reports - 2 years
  • C# - 2 years
  • MVC - 1 year
  • Visual FoxPro 1 year
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