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3 answers

We're celebrating the 10th anniversary of Pets.SE!

it's been 10 years since this site took its first baby steps. There have been ups and downs, warm welcomes and goodbyes. Time to celebrate, to remember and to share some fun facts! We invite everyone ...
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1 answer

A Daily Pet picture in 'The Litter Box' chat room

The chat room for Science Fiction & Fantasy - The Restaurant at the End of the Universe has a Daily floof pinned to the side of the chat. Which is a link with the current date to an image of a ...
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6 votes
4 answers

2nd Anniversary Party

Some of you may have seen We're coming up on our anniversary, how should we mark the auspicious event? and the resulting 1st Year Anniversary Party and so we're thinking that we should give it another ...
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12 votes
13 answers

1st Year Anniversary Party!

Some of you may have seen We're coming up on our anniversary, how should we mark the auspicious event? Now it's time to start this rolling! So, here's what we're going to do... If you have any funny ...
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11 votes
4 answers

We're coming up on our anniversary, how should we mark the auspicious event?

@JamesJenkins raised this up in chat, so credit his forward thinking here, but given that we're coming up on our very fist anniversary it feels like we should do something to mark it, and not in the ...
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3 votes
4 answers

If a question contains terms that will only be familiar to people familiar with the topic do we fix it?

I have asked a couple expert level questions and I want expert to answer them. But I have had comments on a couple of them asking me to explain the terms used. I think it might be a bad idea to ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Who are the experts?

There are a lot of discussions on meta where the term expert is used. However, expert is a broad term, without a specific definition to what makes somebody an expert in a field. Some questions make it ...
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1 answer

Let's discuss some ideas for promotional flyers!

Parenting has flyers for promotion. I'm not saying we need to use the same media resource they did (Jin) as he might be backed up, but we can help by Nominating / Selecting 5-6 good, solid (to-the-...
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Improving the quality of our answers to attract experts

The issue of trying to attract experts is one that Stack Exchange regularly addresses. We have a question about it here How do we get veterinarians to participate on our site?. What can we do to ...
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10 votes
7 answers

How do we promote our site?

The biggest struggle for new sites is growing and maintaining a consistent and supportive user base. As many new sites are springing up on the internet, how can we encourage people to come to our site?...
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