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Creating breed tags

The consensus from this post Should we have tags for breeds? is that when there's 3-4 posts on a breed that it would be appropriate to create a breed tag. I created a german-shepherd and retagged ...
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For generic "health troubleshooting" questions, what to do with specific new observations?

This question is about a general case, but I'm not sure how to explain it so I'll just give a specific example. I asked Initial steps to correct cat's excessive drooling (see edit rev 1 if it's ...
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What should we do about disturbing videos?

The question has been closed, but it has a link to a very disturbing video of someone abusing a cat. I believe that the OP was ...
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What is the language preference in Pets?

The writing of some of the words in English is different depending on whether you use the British English or US English. When we edit the questions and answers in Pets we should respect the original ...
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Should we edit out company names when it is not relevant to the question?

Regarding How can I tell whether my dog was euthanized in a painful fashion? , the asker stated they went to PetSmart (a pet supply and in-house veterinarian chain) to handle their dog's euthanasia. ...
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Should we be editing other users' posts for style?

This issue has come up a couple of times, and does not seem to have been resolved, so a meta discussion seems to be in order. I have noticed since private beta that there are a very large number of ...
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Question edited to change question and now has two answers addressing two questions

This question Is there a way to prevent another dog from pooping on our grass? was edited to change the emphasis of the question. There are two answers one to the original, one to the second, what to ...
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Editing closed or off topic questions

I have made a few edits to questions that were closed or off topic, I always ask the OP if they are happy with the edit, and only offer it, after it's received a bit of attention and there seems to be ...
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Editing answered questions to alter the original meaning

This is the edit history of a closed question: How hard will it be to train my parrot to talk? The question already had an accepted and voted answer. The edit made the answer redundant and also made ...
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Do we have review queues on private beta?

Do we have review queues on private beta? How are people finding suggested edits and close votes, other than stumbling upon them?
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Why is the "edit" link grayed out in some, but not all posts?

Why are some of the "edit" links on some questions active and others not?
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