I did a meta search (of course skipping the help section, duh) for "frame challenge" and did not find any direct answer. There was only a post about not meeting the "justified frame challenge" criteria, which was not elaborated on.

On Parenting, a site on which I was formerly a mod, frame challenges are not allowed unless they also answer the question in a helpful way.

This question has a very helpful but slightly frame challenging answer (which I upvoted, because it's well supported and completely correct), but the OP recognized it as "not an answer." The problem is that there is no non-frame-challenging answer because the problem is not what the OP imagines it might be, so asking for a specific answer will only address symptoms of cyanide poisoning, which the answer provided.

Which leads to the question asked. Thank you. (Now I'll go read the help section.)

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I'd say - considering the broader context it ought to be fine.

We're trying to solve OP's problem, not their assumptions. "Its not cynide poisoning because..." solves the problem halfway.

Basically, I can find general lists of symptoms, but I'm interested in how it played out in specific cases.

OP wants specific cases of it happening, which is a bit tricky, since you literally need to find someone who has had a dog with apple-seed induced cynide poisoning, or a suspected case of that ruled out by a vet.

If it was a 'new' question, I'd have suggested say, soft tissue damage (our late Mr Ash had a lifelong limp, but nothing obvious in the X rays) - which would be a frame challenge too.

There's nothing wrong with challenging an assumption in a question assuming you back it up appropriately.

  • Thank you. This is a bit different than I'm accustomed to, but likely more helpful to the OP. Feb 10 at 13:09

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