The Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE) offers many interesting insights into our site that would be impossible to gain otherwise.

For one month (June 2021) we want to extract one interesting or unusual fact about the site each day.

Inspired by a discussion in chat.

Even users who aren't familiar with SEDE can participate. Click the link above to open the SEDE interface. At the top center of the page you can click [Queries], which lists existing queries made by other users. You can browse the headlines and try a few of them. Some don't work well for Pets because they were written for bigger sites, but most should at least get 1 result.

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    What a nice idea! All the support and encouragement you need from the SEDE chatroom !
    – rene
    Commented Jun 3, 2021 at 18:07
  • Trivial fursuit? No, that's a different stack. (Life, liberty, and the fursuit of haffiness?))
    – keshlam
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The event ended on 2021-07-01. I want to thank anyone who participated, especially Nai45 for comming up with the idea and rene for contributing several queries in our chat room.

These facts have been compiled by various users.

General Pets.SE Trivia

  • As of today (2021-06-30) there are 16,016 users registered on Pets.
    6,885 of them have enough reputation to comment on posts.
    1,896 have enough rep. to downvote.
    266 have enough rep. to create new tags and retag questions.
    58 have enough rep. to edit posts and bypass the quality review.
    8 have enough rep. to access moderator tools.

  • As of today there are 7441 questions on Pets, of which 688 (9%) are closed.

  • Oct 2013 was the month when most questions (350) were asked.
    Oct 2018 and Mar 2018 were the months when most questions were closed (24 each).

  • 51 people followed the Area 51 proposal for this site before it entered the commitment phase.

  • Until today, there was not a single link to xkcd in any question or answer... I had to change that. https://xkcd.com/413/

  • There are currently 3562 users who have asked only 1 question and only 2 users who have asked more than 100 questions: James Jenkins and probably Yvette Colomb alias user6796 (just guessing because user is deleted now).

  • The questions with the longest time between being tweeted on Twitter by the official Pets.SE account and hitting HNQ (only for posts where both events happened) are:
    Cat is tipping over bed-side lamps during the night which became HNQ 64h after being tweeted and
    Goldfish behaviour after medication which became HNQ 488 days before being tweeted.

  • There are at least 22 users on Pets who have user names supporting Monica.

  • The most prolific editor is user lila with a total number of 2474 edits. That's more than three times the number of edits by "Community" (2nd place, 716 edits total).

  • This answer on How can I measure the weight of my cat? has a score/post's length ratio of 0.66 which is significantly higher than the post on the second position in that list.


  • Questions on Pets have on average 2.8 tags. Most questions (2577) have 2 tags and least questions (670) have 5 tags.
  • The tags with the highest percentages of unanswered questions are
    with 13.11% questions unanswered and
    with 12.88% questions unanswered.
  • The tag has the highest average score on both questions (avg. score of 34) and answers (avg. score of 11.86)
  • On average, questions with the tag have the highest score with 8 upvotes (net).

Voting and Accepting Answers

  • The only users with at least 3k reputation who never cast a downvote are Kate Paulk and Mario.
  • The user with the highest rep who has voted the least is user Mario with 5,025 reputation points and two votes.
  • The most evil user (aka highest downvote to upvote ratio) is user Failed-community, who has cast 102 downvotes and only 17 upvotes.
  • The user who has cast the most close, reopen, (un)delete, (un)lock, (un)protect and migrate votes is James Jenkins with a total of 238 votes.
  • The user who has cast the most up and downvotes is lila with 9,588 upvotes and 1064 downvotes.
  • The most controversial post on Pets is Can I give my cat human medicine?. It received overall 11 upvotes, 7 downvotes, 6 close votes, 3 reopen votes and 8 comments.
  • The user with the highest percentage of self-accepts (to accept your own answer) is Spidercat with almost 29% of answers being self-accepted.
  • The worst leeches (users with the most questions asked and least votes cast) are user10731 with 14 questions (0 answers accepted) and 0 votes and gstestso with 18 questions (18 answers accepted) and 1 upvote.
  • The user with the highest answer to accepted answer ratio is Mozein with 75% of their answers accepted (15 out of 20).
  • The question with the longest time between being asked and accepting an answer is this one, which first had any answer accepted 3 years and 8 months after it was asked.

Reputation and Bounties

  • The highest ranked user in terms of reputation is James Jenkins with approximately 28.700 points.
  • User Zaralynda spent the most reputation points as bounties with a total of 3,200 points.
  • The most reputation ever gained in a single day was 540 by Flater - 500 as bounty and 40 by votes.
  • The first user to ever gain 1k reputation after the site started was woliveirajr 8 days after the site started.
    The first user to ever gain 10k reputation after the site started was John Cavan 15 months after the site started.
  • Of all users who wrote at least 10 answers, Dennis Graves has the highest score with an average of 15.62 over 13 answers.
    Of all users who wrote at least 5 answers, iKlsR has the highest score with an average of 21.33 over 6 answers.
  • Of all users with at least 200 reputation, the top 1% share 152,632 reputation (21.3%), while the remaining 99% share 562,681 reputation (78.6%).

Questions and Answers


  • Only one user on Pets has the "Socratic" badge (ask a well-received question on 100 separate days, and maintain a positive question record): James Jenkins.
  • Only one person has the "Sportsmanship" badge (upvote 100 answers on questions where an answer of yours has a positive score): James Jenkins.
  • Only one person on the Pets SE has "Steward" badge: Trond Hansen (awarded for reviewing first posts).
  • Only 4 of current Pets SE users have gold tag badge; those users are: Trond Hansen for , Zaralynda for , Kai for , and Elmy for . Only Trond Hansen and Kai get to use their badge, though; Zaralynda is inactive and for Elmy it is redundant.
  • As of today, only 2 users have ever earned "Great Answer" badge (awarded for answer with score of 100 or more) and no user has ever earned "Great Question" badge (awarded for question with score of 100 or more).
  • The most popular asker is Ash, who received "Popular question" badges for 30 of 37 questions.

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