I noticed that during the last year the quality of our site (according to the official quality metrics of StackExchange) deteriorated. You can have a look at our current Beta status.

Pets beta status 2021-04-09

We can't do much about the number of questions per day, but according to site statistics we have a steady influx of new users and visitors that didn't change for several years. But the number of unanswered questions increased from less than 5% (according to my memory) to now 10% and the average answers per question dropped below 2.

I'd like to invite all of our members to have a look around the list of unanswered questions and see if we can answer some of them. Maybe there has even been a similar question more recently, which might allow us to mark the old one as duplicate and clean it up.

Let's see how much we can improve the statistic till the end of the month.


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We did it!

enter image description here

Within the 20 days of our campaign we were able to improve the number of answered question and the overall rating of Pets.SE.

  • The percentage of answered questions increased from 90% to 91%, also increasing the rating from "okay" to "excellent". Considering the overall number of questions on this site, this is a huge impact.
  • 32 answers were written by 10 different users - in addition to the usual answers to new questions.
  • Funny coincidence: There was a total of 176 answers in April 2021 - exactly the same number as in April 2020. But in 2020 there were 105 questions compared to only 82 in 2021.

I'm extremely proud of anyone who decided to partake in this event, be it by writing an answer, spellchecking existing answers, leaving comments or even just voting. Thank you!

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    Yay! Well done, all of you!
    – Stephie
    May 1, 2021 at 8:33
  • 2
    Thank you all :) May 4, 2021 at 7:50

Here's a list of new answers that were written during the spring-cleaning campaign that had at least one upvote or were accepted by the question owner. Any user could have added their answers to the list if they wanted. This was completely optional, but offered a way to draw attention to your answer and gain rewards in the form of upvotes and badges.


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