I find many questions in this site where OP states about serious condition of his/her pet and asks for advice.

Incidentally no advice is possible without more information. So OP is requested for more information. But OP never follows up and that question remain unanswered for a long time for the obvious reason that the question cannot be answered with the information that had been initially provided by OP.

In such circumstances should that question be closed?

If not why?

If yes then what reason should be chosen while casting close vote?


If it is not a duplicate:

You can vote to close with "Unclear what you are asking" this is the best option. When it gets 4 (or 5, I forget) close votes it will be closed.

If you don't have enough rep to cast close votes you can flag it as "should be closed" > "Unclear what you are asking"

If it is a duplicate; Flag as a dupe. It is always good to check for possible dupes...

If might be a duplicate, flag as a dupe. If the OP comes back with more info showing it is not a dupe, we can reopen it. Often the possible dupe will have the answer they are looking for, they will see the dupe flag when (if) the come back and link to the answer they need.

Moderator votes count as 4 or 5, so we normally try to let the community complete the close votes unless it is really clear. Often Mods will wait until there are 3 or 4 existing votes before voting before casting a vote, so they will only count as one.

  • One little nitpick. Moderator vote doesn't count as 4 or 5, moderator vote is considered binding, which means if the moderator casts a close vote, the question gets closed immediately and a moderator cannot "retract" their close vote. The same goes for reopen votes. I understand your statement kinda implies the same thing and this is anyway, not the main topic of the question, but I thought it could be a bit confusing to people not familiar with the site, so decided to post this comment here. – Masked Man Jun 24 '18 at 6:34
  • @Thanos No one can retract a vote after it is closed, you can only cast re-open votes. Related The word binding is a little bit misleading, since posts closed by a moderator can be reopened by the community. – James Jenkins Jun 24 '18 at 12:14

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