I recently updated the tag wiki and realized it's really not dissimilar enough from .

What is the difference between these two tags? How does one determine whether a question belongs in one tag vs. the other tag?

Is it that psychology is mental and behavior is physical? How does the question asker truly determine which is which?


I tend to use for questions that are "Why is my pet X?".

I tend to use (or variants like ) for questions that are "How do I change behavior X?"

I tend to use for anything else.

Some examples that I consider "anything else":

In looking over the current useage, I can't see any consistency. However we choose for the tags to be used, the other tags should probably be mentioned in the tag wikis.

  • Psychology is a good tag for questions about a behavior that cannot / not intended to be changed. – rlb.usa Aug 11 '15 at 23:04

There are 70 questions tagged

There are 394 questions tagged

I propose we make psychology a synonym of behavior.


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