We have a tag for that has no wiki and only 4 questions. 3 out of 4 questions are about preventing pets from chewing on wires.

If we want to keep this tag (personally I think we should remove it), is there something we can do to make it more useful? Preferably renaming it to something a bit more descriptive (maybe [house-proofing]?).

Otherwise, it seems to me like we could use the tag for other questions that might not have been the intent when the tag was created.

For example:

How to keep my dog from urinating in specific places?

How can I prevent my puppy from chewing on objects?

How do I keep my neighbor's cat from defecating in my yard?

How can I keep my cat from climbing on my desk?

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Kill the tag because it's not really possible to relate those 4 suggested questions; instead, replace it with the (dance) tag, which has 65 questions.

Of the 4 questions currently tagged , 3 are duplicates of each other (prevent animal X (rabbit, kitten, ferret) from chewing wires), and 1 is a semi-duplicate (prevent a rabbit from going behind the couch... ostensibly to chew wires!).


I removed the tag from the 4 questions, and replaced it with on the ones that didn't already have it.

For reference, the questions were:

What can I do to prevent/educate a kitten from chewing wires?

Make wires unpalatable?

How do you bunny proof behind the couch?

How can I prevent my ferrets from chewing on wires?

I'd be game for re-adding the tag, or a similar one, if we could get more questions using it.

  • The three about wires are "safety chewing". I added to the couch one "safety containment" since that is what it's referring to. I think proofing can stay dead.
    – JoshDM
    Mar 26, 2015 at 19:33

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